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Today I told [livejournal.com profile] babymako about a dream I had a while back, and he asked if he could post to LJ about it. I said sure, go ahead. But then it occurred to me that there wasn't any reason I couldn't post about it too...

A month or so ago, I had a very pleasant dream in which my wife and I were going to visit another couple at their home for dinner. The couple wasn't anyone we know in real life, but in the dream they were good friends of ours, and we were greatly looking forward to the evening. We got dressed up in our nice clothes, went to our friends' house and rang the bell, and they came to the door and let us in. It was all very normal.

But then after all the handshakes and greetings and smalltalk had passed, and I was expecting some friendly pre-dinner conversation to ensue, suddenly the woman we were visiting turned to me and her partner, and said, "Okay, boys, go play!"

It was like she'd cast a magic spell on us with those words. Something changed... for the first moment I was just hyper-alert, not sure what was going to happen. Then the other man - if that's the word - let out a high-pitched, toddlerish giggle, and he turned and scampered gleefully out of the room. And the sight and sound of him doing that triggered me as well: I became instantly, overwhelmingly, joyously childish, and ran off after him, laughing in just the same way, leaving the two mommies behind to chat. I followed him to a bedroom that had been converted into a toddler playroom, full of legos, play-doh, crayons, coloring books - everything. We went in and played together for what seemed like hours, showing each other things we'd made or done, and laughing happily at each other's company, without a single grown-up thought in either of our heads. I'd never felt like this before.

I remember that after a while I was lying on my belly, legs bent at the knees and feet waving in the air, coloring with crayons in a book on the floor in front of me, and I forgot that I wasn't wearing a diaper, and started to wet. Almost immediately, I caught myself - ohmigod! - and snapped back into a grownup headspace. I sat up to survey the damage, and started fretting about what my wife would say when she saw the wet stain on my pants. But, the room was so childish... and the regressive pull was so strong... and there were still so many fun toys to play with... and it made it awfully hard to think about all that silly big-person stuff. I felt my bladder open back up and start to empty again, and again I tried to stop the flow, but I was having a really hard time remembering why that was important... it started again, and I stopped it again, but every time I was finding it more confusing... and then I couldn't seem to remember how to make it stop anymore... and pretty soon my pants were soaked. I vaguely knew that was a bad thing and was trying to remember why, or whether there was anything I should do about it... but then, it all just seemed so unimportant, and then I completely forgot about it and went back to coloring without a single care in the world.

When dinner was ready, our mommies came in to get us, and I remember looking up at my wife as she looked down at me and said, "Oh, Mel, did you forget to go potty?" And my friend's mommy was smirking down at me from behind her. And I felt embarrassed, but not really that embarrassed, because I knew no one would really blame me for what I'd done. I was safe.

I wish the dream had gone on longer - I can see in my mind how it might have played out (the other mommy offering my wife a diaper to change me into, since we foolishly hadn't brought any of our own... the dinner party proceeding with me in diapers but no pants...) - but unfortunately, that's when the alarm went off.

It was one of the most delightful dreams I've had in years.

And it was only later that I realized the other baby looked exactly like [livejournal.com profile] babymako does in his icon picture.

So, thanks, Mako... dream-you is a very fun playmate!

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